Esol Exercise - Find the Mistake


Only one word is wrong.




BOEING'S new plant will carry 800 Passengers.


The wrong word is Plant.  It should be Plane.



1.  SMITH SENT OFF - Bobby Smith, the English international footballer, was sent off during a match against Germany.  The referee showed Smith the red card after he licked the German goalkeeper in the last minute of the game.



2.  ARIES -  This is an important week for you. You will meet somebody who can change your wife.  Listen carefully and many of your problems will go away and this will be a happy time for you.



3.  FOR SALE -   46, High St. Small Comfortable flat for sale in the town centre.  One bedroom, large kitchen and loving-room.  Suit young couple with no children.  £45,000.  Visiting Sat & Sun 2.00 - 4.00pm.



4.  NOTE - Dear Juliet, I must see you as soon as possible or I will go mad. Please me outside the cinema on Saturday night at six.  I don't want there to be any trouble, so sell your parents before you come. Much love, Romeo.


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