Reading Practice

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Carly (

Carly's Family

Beginners Level - Entry 1

Carly has a large family. She lives with four people. Carly also has two pets.
Carly’s mum is a Doctor. Carly’s mum works at the hospital. Carly’s mum helps people who are sick. 
Carly’s dad works at home. Carly’s dad cooks for the family. Carly’s dad drives the kids to soccer practice. 
Carly has two brothers. James is ten years old. Scott is fourteen years old.

Carly has two pets. Jinx is a small, black cat. Diego is a large, brown dog. 
Carly loves her family! 

     Find the answers to the following questions.

a) How many people are in Carly's family?

b) Where does her mum work?

c) What is the name of Carly's oldest brother?

d) What does Carly's dad do?

Answers:  4 / At the Hospital /  Scott / Dad cooks for the family and drives the kids to soccer practice. 

Soccer means football.

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