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*with all year round Support.


Did you know that 1 in 4 UK school children now use Private Tutors? Would you like to earn an extra income with Private Tutoring?


Attend a Private Tuition Seminar and find out all you need to know. Why should you consider attending?


a)  It gives a very good part-time income.

b)  It requires No Capital.

c)  You will make a positive difference in kids lives.

d)  You have the opportunity to ask many questions from someone with experience, with lots of information and added support.



About me.

I have been Teaching for over 10 years and in the last 3 years have been offering Private Tuition to Primary/ Secondary kids.

For more info - see the About me page.


Topics to be covered include:


  • How to get Clients.
  • Resources needed.
  • Do I need to be Qualified?
  • Where to have lessons – The options.
  • Payments / Prices.
  • Do I have to pay Tax?
  • The actual lesson / Timings.
  • I have a New Client / What’s the next step?
  • Funding.


 For me it’s not just about earning. I’m like a mother hen and   tend to bond with all the kids. There are kids I have taught from Primary school level and I am still teaching them now at Secondary School level. I usually tutor kids long-term. Lessons are interesting and so much fun. This is also an opportunity for me to refer Clients to YOU because I can't always take on new ones. (I teach Adults part-time, so there is a limit to the number of kids I teach weekly).


Remember, Tuition doesn’t have to be all Academic. There are people who teach languages to kids. E.g Polish /Tamil etc. It could also be teaching kids how to play a music instrument. 


So, what are you waiting for?


Bookings - Private Tuition Seminar £20 (If you are on JSA - £10)

** For JSA, please bring Proof.

Seminars are on Mondays (Choose a Session)

** I will email you the next Seminar Date.

Alternatively, TEXT - 0781 875 0170


The Link (RidgeWay Room)
Belvedere Road
Off Harrow Manor Way
London SE2 9BS

Nearest Station:  Abbey Wood (10 minutes walk from station)
Contact Number: 0781 865 0170 (Elena)



Order the Private Tuition Manual and give me a time to call you back, to answer any questions or email. UK  ONLY (Sent by email)
Teaching Support available all year round.
Private Tuition
PS: During the Half Term week, I will be in Woolwich, SE18 Library giving FREE Tuition to kids, so feel free to pop in to see me, for an informal Chat. Email/Text me, prior to.

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