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I am a Teacher with 10 years experience and enjoy working with Teens. I also teach Adults and have worked in Lambeth and Southwark College, London. For more about me click: Here


In the aftermath of the London riots;  I am giving motivational and inspiring talks to Teens. Our kids are living in Challenging times and need constant renewed focus. They all have potential to be a success in life, but as we know, they can be easily distracted.


Most of us know that Mark Zuckerburg, the creator of Facebook created it while at school with his classmates and not only is he a huge success ~ world's youngest billionaire in 2008. It's also important to balance this, by encouraging teens to help support others. (I believe success is not just about being Rich).


  ¸.• ✫ Let's help build future Pillars of Society ✫  






To keep Teens positive and focused.


 To remind them of the importance of respecting Parents and Teachers.


Looking at Useful qualities to emulate, to be a success in life.


The duration is 60 minutes. It’s fun and interactive.

Maximum of 25 Teens in a Group.


* Cost: £65.00


Payment can be Online or Send a Cheque Back with your Booking form, made payable to: Insight Training Services.


To request a Booking Form or a "Call Back"

go to: Contact Page.



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