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Kids who learn together in the same class may not always be at the same level. Some learn fast, some need more time and I know from experience, how busy Teachers are in Class, especially if there is no Teaching Assistant to support. This is where I come in:

I give Private Tuition to kids at home  (KS1 / KS2 / KS3) and help with:

  • Improved Spelling and Vocabulary.
  • Grammar (Grammar Tenses / Word order and more)
  • Reading to understand and pronunciation.
  • Creative Writing / Essays.
  • Help with school homework. (Not doing it for them, but giving guidance)
  • Preparation for 11 Plus and SATs Exams.
  • Any other learning need/weakness.
  • I also teach kids with Special Needs.

Areas Covered in London

South East, London - The areas I cover at the moment are: Abbey Wood, Royal Arsenal  Estate in (Woolwich) / Plumstead / Charlton. Parents book 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons for their kids, once or twice a week.  Cost is from £18 / hour. 
Also, kids in Barnfield Community Plumstead. (Flexible to cover other areas).

Lessons are anytime from 4.00pm.
For School Holidays - You can choose an earlier time.

✔ Thumbs up to Akin, from St Margaret's (Year 5). Akin wrote a personal letter to Prime Minister David Cameron and got a reply - Jan 2015. Good Writing Practice. (◕‿◕)
Update - 2016. (Akin will start Secondary School Sept 2016 in his chosen school). Congrats to his brother who will start Yr 3.

✔ Thumbs up to Warsane (Year 7). I have given private tuition to her since Year 6 and she will start Year 8 in September 2016. (◕‿◕)

✔ Thumbs up to Sobi, (Year 5) who won, a Maths Competition in September 2015. (◕‿◕)

✔ Thumbs up again to Akin, from St Margaret's (Year 6). He has been made Headboy of his School. How Cool! (◕‿◕)

** These are just a few of the many kids I teach.

Good Luck to all kids sitting their Eleven Plus Exams in September.

         Geeethavi trying on my Sunglasses again!!
                (The youngest of all my learners)


Useful Parent Resources:

Please print this out for your child, to help develop strong Writing Skills - 50 Interesting Topics to write about. 

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Kids Private Tuition

Payment can be made after lessons or Online.



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