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Interesting ESOL Discussions


Discuss them in Class or with me on the Phone

These are for learners to practice their Speaking and Listening skills. Useful for all levels. Some discussions have background information included in links. Print and read before discussion. (click on links to open)

Discussion Topics


1) Pets. What are your thoughts about people leaving £Millions to their pets? http://goo.gl/OkaHxd  


2) Nationality. If  a woman gives birth on a flight mid-air, what nationality should the child be?


3) Teachers. Is it appropriate for students and Teachers to be friends on Facebook? What are the Pros and Cons?


4)  Crime. In Thailand, the death penalty is given to people who smuggle drugs? Do you think this is harsh and why? http://t.co/rqL5c3MVbB

5) Relationships. What do you think is the difference between being in Love and being obsessed?

6) Fashion. Do you think face piercings put people at a disadvantage for Job Interviews?

7) Parents. Is it a violation for parents to read the diary of their teens? Maybe they check to enusre their kids are not mixing with the wrong people or planning something strange... http://hubpages.com/t/1f2cb5

8) Education. Is it wrong to drop University for Work? Example, before or while in university...If a young person gets an opportunity to work for a big company, would you advice them to go ahead?

9) Health. When you go to hospital, does it matter to you, if you are treated/seen by a young Doctor or an elderly Doctor in their 60s? Do you think they are equally competent?

10) Careers. Name one Profession you would never ever like to do in your life and why?

11) Football. According to the Metro Newspaper in June 2014, Spanish Football players were promised a bonus of £585,000 each, if they won the World Cup Tournament. What is your opinion about this, bearing in mind the Country's financial crisis?

12) Love. What do you think is the difference between being in Love with someone and being obsessed with someone?

13) Perception. Do you judge or make an impression about people, from the clothes they wear?

14) Food/Delicacies. All round the world, people eat a lot of strange things. Example, snails, snakes etc. What strange things have you eaten? How did it taste?

15) Games. Do violent video games really cause behavioural problems in Teens? A lot of people blame the mass shootings in schools, on watching too many violent video games.


16) Sports. What do you consider to be the most dangerous sport in the world?

17) Politics. Who is/was one of the best Presidents or Prime Ministers in the world? Give your reasons.

18) Politics. A lot of people would like to see Hilary Clinton as the President of USA. Do you think America will ever have a female President?

19) Love. A man died and left £40,000 to his wife. He wanted her to spend £5,000 for his funeral, £15,000 for a Memorial Stone and £20,000 for her to keep. She did spend £15,000 on a memorial stone, but it was a 3
½ carat Diamond Stone ring, that she could look at every day on her finger...which is a sort of "memorial" to her. What are your thoughts? Wise decision?

20) Business. Would you prefer to own your own Business or work for someone else?

Easier discussion topics....

21) How would you compare your country to living in the UK?

22) Who inspires you and why?

23) Who makes you happy and why?

24) What is more important? Love or Money?

25) Will President Elect Trump make America better?

26) What is your favourite food and how do you prepare it?

27) How can people drive safely?

28) What are your hobbies? Is it important to relax?

29) What is important in a friendship?

30) Which famous person would you like to meet and why?





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