Help with Proofreading

This service is specifically for ESOL / ESL Learners. If you need support with:

  • Proofreading a short page of writing.
  • Proofreading a letter/email or even a short paragraph.
  • Checking a short article you have written.

(Maximum 150 Words).

Send it to me via email and I will send it back, with the corrections high-lighted.

I have been Teaching ESOL/English in Colleges for over 15 years and I am also an Examiner for a UK  Examining board, where I mark Exam Papers for various Colleges.

How it works

Email it to: elena.akin@gmail.com  

In the subject - Write your name and School or College.

Timing: Give it 12 – 24 hours turnaround. Sometimes, it might take a shorter time. I will send it back with any editing required. (highlighted in red) This could be spelling, word order, tenses, grammar, rewording, etc.

Cost:  FREE

**P/s note Not more than one post a day.

Contact:  Any questions, contact me via email above or

Text / Call - 0781 865 0170.


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Exam Tips

* Plan.

* Remember Punctuation.

* Include paragraphs and use paragraph openers.

* Instead of using the same word twice, use a synonym.

* Write legibly. I have seen some funny "Rs" which look back to front and interesting "Ks." When myself or other Examiners have 200 Exam Papers to mark, we don't waste time trying to figure out what letter you wrote and it could cost marks.

* Write on the line.

* Read the question well, so you know what tense to write in.

* If it's a letter, read the question well, to ascertain if it will be a formal letter or an informal letter.

* Always, proofread for spelling, punctuation and word order.

See Example below.

Good Luck! :-) Related image



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