Anorexia Recovery


Anorexia is a mental disorder that affects lots of Teens/Students and others. It affects the way they eat and can ruin lives. Many have died because of it.  (Pro Ana - Anorexic Cult)



  • Some people die of it. Jeremy Gillitzer & Brazilian Model
  • Some continually have bad/frail health and can’t get on with day to day life.
  • Family and friends are constantly on the edge worrying.
  • It's also a cry for help.


I set up a Twitter Account which is dedicated to Paola (who is fighting Anorexia). She is Teenager who left a heart wrenching comment on one of my Articles:  Pro Ana New Anorexic Cult. 

(in the comments box) Since then, I have been Tweeting lots of info which I hope will help her and others who are battling with this Eating Disorder. If it affects you, p/s follow the Twitter account below.


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Self Help Books


Below are some books that can help people dealing with Anorexia and also those battling with low Self-Esteem. All books are purchased directly from Amazon.


You can also read lots of Inspiration Articles at my website by clicking this link:



"The Greatest Wealth is Health"  



Anorexia can also be a result of low Self Esteem. Useful Books below


Another useful Recommended Book: The Slender Trap

by Lauren Lazar Stern



For Enquiries, contact Elena: 

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